Richland County in Neighborhoods, Districts and Landmarks

Carrousel Historic District, Mansfield

With a pavillion housing the first new hand carved carrousel to be built and operated in the US since the 1930s, the Carrousel District draws visitors of all ages searching for family fun.  The district in known for specialty shops and eateries located in predominantly Victorian to Art Deco-era buildings with tin ceilings, glazed terracotta tiling, brick courtyards and an eclectic vibe.  Regularly scheduled events give many reasons to stop and enjoy the atmosphere while reconnecting with friends and loved ones.

Imagination District, Mansfield

The exciting, new Imagination District is developing at its root with an incredible partnership between the restored Renaissance Theatre,  Pioneer Performing Arts and the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum.  The district is proposed to draw in excess of 200,000 people a year, and will connect historic Park Ave West to the Carrousel Historic District including The Brickyard which is surrounded by breweries and fine dining options .

Central Park Historic District, Mansfield

Downtown Proper, Mansfield

Park Avenue West, Mansfield

An amazing cluster of National Register listed properties in various states of repair stand silently along what was once tree-lined streets.  There are too many glorious examples of American architecture, including several homes designed by William Barber, to pick a favorite.  While you are there, make sure to visit Kingwood Center Gardens, the 47 acre estate built in 1926 for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelley King, which has an entrance on Park Ave. West.  We would like to thank founding member and resident History Captain Lacy Bessette for her work documenting “PAW”.

The Boulevards Historic District, Mansfield

Sherman’s Estate Historic District, Mansfield

Woodland Neighborhood, Mansfield

The residential area known as Woodland was developed by James Dickson from the land of the Old Stewart Farm in the 1920’s.  Meant as a “dignified community of highly civilized citizens” it once featured a lovely spring fed sunken garden in it’s center, behind his home in the triangle formed by Andover Road, the aptly named Stewart Lane and Dickson Parkway.  After Mr. Dickson’s passing in 1949, the gardens were unfortunately removed, replaced with a well designed apartment building and a personal favorite mid-century modern home among others. 

Woodland is blessed with cohesiveness while featuring differing architectural styles and a blend of very large as well as smaller and multi-family homes from its inception, a sort of very early progressive mixed-income experiment still thriving and being enjoyed today.  The Westinghouse “Home of Tomorrow” located at 895 Andover, and amenities including the Woodland Club Pool, founded in 1928 (which you can join regardless of where you call home) walkability to the Mansfield Art Center and the new YMCA are some of the highlights.

Raemelton Farm Historic District, Mansfield

Cherry Hill Neighborhood, Mansfield

Sterkel Neighborhood, Mansfield

Bennington Heights Neighborhood, Mansfield

Fleming Falls Neighborhood, Mansfield

Ranchwood Neighborhood, Mansfield

Hanley Village Neighborhood, Mansfield

Roseland Neighborhood, Mansfield

Lincoln Heights Neighborhood, Mansfield

Little Washington Neighborhood, Mansfield

Parkwood Neighborhood, Mansfield

Pavonia Neighborhood, Mansfield

Wooster Heights Neighborhood, Mansfield

West Mansfield Neighborhood

East Mansfield Neighborhood

Plymouth Historic District, Plymouth

Village of Washington

Village of Windsor