We have created this program to introduce and foster an awareness and appreciation for historic sites and architecture.

Although intended for young architectural historians grades 4 through 12, some materials will still be enjoyed by younger children and adults!

Goals of the curriculum include developing research skills, learning building terminology and learning to see the local environment in terms of how history affected and shaped the community around them.

For the Learning Coach

The homes, businesses and historic structures creating our built environment tell us the story of our state, and in turn, our nation.  The cultural, economic, political and social forces of any given time play out clearly in humanities creations and the landscape left behind as legacy.

Your student will learn how each site or building tells these tales, from the mansions of those successful in industrial pursuits, to the ingenuity featured in the “house of tomorrow”.  As railroad depots, factories and warehouses all stand in testament to the revolutionary effects of innovation in transportation, we will also discuss how transportation fed into the decentralization of cities and growth of the suburbs.

Students will also study the reasons for a structure or site to be dubbed “historic”,  surrounding themselves with the history making them candidates for such designation.  Ultimately they should feel empowered to ask the questions arising from seeing their world with these new eyes.  Hopefully this appreciation will also motivate them to become stewards of information and proponents of utilizing these resources to enrich their lives.